Introducing myself

Self-portrait, hiding huge zit

Self-portrait, hiding huge zit

This is me. While I was doing nothing during a bus trip from Baguio to Vigan, I took pictures of myself. So this is me.

I was born in Quezon City, Philippines in 1987, a year after the EDSA Revolution that successfully got rid of the Marcos dictatorship. Being born at this year, I couldn’t fully appreciate the zeitgeist to which I was born in. Today, I feel enervated at the amazing freedom that we have–and yet still be dismayed at the sheer inequality within the society.

But I know that your focus is really on my pimple. I’m sorry for that–it’s summer, I’m young–and things like that really just happen. It’s huge and embarrassing but I don’t want to edit it out.

Also, it might interest you to note that all pictures here are NOT edited in anyway. They are straight from the camera–as they should be.


4 thoughts on “Introducing myself

    • i know. it still does for me din. kaya nga photoblog lang ito eh. anyway it really brings out the pictures! i love it talaga. sobrang linaw.

  1. i wanna shift from tumblr to here! ayaw ko na mag tumblr! but I want yer theme, help meeeeeeeee! 🙂

    • what help do you need? to export your entries or something?

      i don’t know what tumblr is eh. the only tumblr i’ve seen is reggie’s the vivatregina. ako i do this lang for fun. for people to look at and stuff.

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