The [im]PATIENCE of Alyssa

The Patience of Alyssa

The Patience of Alyssa

A very good friend of mine–well-known for her impatience with people is waiting patiently for a ride to take us to town. In the meantime, she quietly ruminates her cookie into oblivion. She’s holding onto her camera, staring pensively at the road. I don’t know what she’s thinking.


4 thoughts on “The [im]PATIENCE of Alyssa

    • hahaha i will fix my flickr someday! for now, i like this wordpress. what help do you need in making a wordpress thing?

      i thought of doing tumblr as well but changed my mind. hehe, don’t know why though, i just feel that way.

    • yes, she is impatient. she would always say “soph, ‘lika na!!!” and of course, she wants things DONE!

      pero in the pace that she wants. so if she’s slow, you wait. if she’s fast, you catch up! hahahaha

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