Written reflections

Dear Diary Entry

Words of a Friend

One night while we were trying to enjoy a coffee after a long day, my friend showed me his entries from one of the lowest points in his life. And we had a good laugh over it. I hope that you guys overlook the melodrama and focus on how funny it is that we all feel like writing the exact same words at some point in our lives?

While many will laugh along with me, some with sympathy while others with disdain, know that all reactions are welcome!


9 thoughts on “Written reflections

    • uy meron akong nakitang link sa facebook mo… album siya na super old! na very sad… pero di ko na i-bi-bring up… OOPS!

    • basta may photo album ka na andun si albert… wala na-sad lang ako bigla kasi parang ang saya niyo… well ewan!

  1. ah. tagal na nun. haha ganoon talaga. kapag iniwan ka, hayaan mo lang. i did my best, but my best wasnt good enough whatever. hahaha

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