For the Girl: A Birthday Tribute

Nina Camille Miguel Pacial

La Ninyah

This was taken two nights before today. That night would have to be one of the best nights in my life in the City where my friends and I just fooled around with the camera all over the place. Here we are, in front of Jeboi‘s work place where suddenly a police car drove by and provided us with very dramatic lighting!

I just took this picture and she just posed with that expression on her face. It’s very fierce, just like her personality. Ninyah may fool around but the truth is, she can be very tough! Of course, I don’t really know this firsthand but I can imagine that if she hates your guts, she’ll tear you apart! This is one tough cookie, my friend. I strongly advise you not to rile her up!

Moving on, did I mention that it’s her birthday today? Well, if I was remiss, let me say it again. Today is her birthday. She turns twenty-something (let’s not get too personal okay?) today. She likes the blues. Her favorite is Ella Fitzgerald. She sings marvelously.

To the frustrated jazz singer who also happens to be my friend, happy birthday!

4 thoughts on “For the Girl: A Birthday Tribute

  1. “buti nga sa’yo, fierce pa rin ako”
    -ito ang nasa isip ni ninyah sa oras na ‘yan.

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