I had a dream.

I feel helpless.


Last night, I just came home from a great night with my friends Eric and Ninyah. We had a boring time drinking coffee and joking around but the real celebration came when we went to Chairman’s in order to do some voice-ripping karaoke. So I did get home, without a voice. My body is tired from all the crazy dancing that we were doing (thank God for private rooms) and I slept two hours after arriving home.

Then my sleep was interrupted by a scary dream. I was walking down the street and then this bayawak (edited: thanks to Isis for the tip and to Alyssa for the word), a type of reptile was chasing me. It was strong and had red skin. It caught up with me and bit me on the leg. I don’t think I felt pain in the dream. But it was weird to have that kind of dream.

Anyway according to the Dream Moods, seeing a reptile is a sign of repressing basic instincts. Getting bitten is to warn me of a danger whether physical or financial. And walking down a street is a need in my life to explore alternative avenues in my life. So I guess if I were interpret it, I have a job lined up today and it’s way different from what I want to do in life. In this new job of mine, I’ll need to follow my instincts and be very wary of what’s going on. The path ahead of me is not as easy as I thought it was. Let’s see how things develop!

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