Beauty is Pain

I've never featured her here

Rising from the Ashes

This is my friend Gian. She is my blockmate but we never really got close until second year, second semester when we were classmates in some Political Science subject. Anyway our friendship soon evolved from just being blockmates to being close friends. It helped a lot that we would often be classmates since we had the same major and minor. As friends and classmates, we would often be in the same group to work on different projects. But the main reason why we stuck together in class is because we know that each other is intelligent enough to keep up.

Anyway, on our last year in college, we decided to partner up to do our undergraduate thesis. Her topic was about jueteng and we did so well on it, we decided to enter it into a conference hosted by the Philippine Sociological Society supposed to be held in Baguio last 2009. Unfortunately, due to Pepeng, we were unable to present it and the conference went on without our participation. Last summer, however, Gerald was undecided about passing his paper to this conference, the International Conference on Post Colonial Praxis in UP Diliman. In order to get him to submit, I told him that I’ll submit ours.

Long story short, our paper got accepted and we had made great plans for Gian’s trip to Manila. Unfortunately, things can go awry and disaster struck. Gian got boiling hot water splashed onto her upper body because her slipper broke, causing her to lose her balance while carrying the pail for her bath. This was a week before the presentation. Due to her burnt skin, the doctor advised her not to travel lest her wound get infected. Anyway, I asked her if I can take a picture of the damage and it’s not so bad anymore.

Take note that she wouldn’t show it to me until it was “all right” to look at. This is her burns on the stages of healing. That smile or the laughs we had that night are actually a victory over the accident because she has been healed enough to be able to laugh and smile properly. So here she is, rising above the ashes of what could have been a tragedy.

In our other classes, we would actually be a trio, affectionately called “Happy Tree Friends” because of our predeliction for the strange. I will feature the third member when I have a halfway nice picture of her. I realized that I don’t take pictures of many of my close friends! I shall remedy that soon enough.


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