Civil Status, Changed


My married friend

This is Niann. It was more than a year ago since I last saw her. She came to the Philippines for two weeks. The main reason why she came home was to tell her parents that she and Corey Gallagher are going to get married. Soon after she left the country, she changed her relationship status on Facebook. Making it more official to her friends back here than the legal papers that they signed.

Anyway, time sure flies. I remember back when we were in elementary, I would always go to her house. She never went to mine. I would always be with her family. She never really met any of mine. Now I met her husband. A toast to fourteen years of friendship!

This is a picture I took of her as she was telling me the story of how she and Corey met. I don’t know what impression I left on her husband, but I know that it’s not flattering. He might think me a flighty, airhead and rude kind of person but I find it difficult to change my attitude if I’m with Niann. She knows me better than many people and I think that she’ll be able to give Corey a better picture of who I am!


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