Noblesse Oblige

Lord Barmy

This man is the most generous friend I have. I met him during my first year in college. We were classmates in History I and we were both lost during that subject. He had no readings and I don’t read mine. He gave me Cadbury chocolate and we exchanged cellphone numbers. When he gushed about the Cheerdance competition in the UAAP, I knew he was gay!

Through the years, our friendship has evolved. We became close friends. So close that I would run to his house from school if I need to take a dump only to go out immediately after to get to my next class. Or during the time we took Chem 1 together and we would both decide to ditch that class by hanging around Engineer’s Hill and pigging out at the Tuno-Tuno!

Now, this good friend of mine is taking up a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature and he currently resides at Maginhawa street, Teachers Village East in Quezon City. His house is still my refuge. If I go to Manila and I don’t want to stay at home, I know that I have a home at his place. I’m glad that he decided to study in Diliman. I’m glad that he decided to stay at a very convenient place. I’m glad that his new place looks eerily similar to his first house except that its very, very small in comparison.

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