The Ceiling

Hole in the Sky

When the light bulb was invented, it was revered as a technological marvel because all throughout history, people have been inventing ingenious ways to control light. According to the popular Capitalist edict, “Time is money” and workers should be able to work even if the sun has set.

Thus, Man is able to create an artificially illuminated environment that can will enable people to labor over their tasks in the deepest of the night. Or even in an enclosed building–no windows, just a few air vents that let in few air and even less light–which eerily feels like a coffin. There are many overworked laborers who suffocate in such circumstances. These deathtraps called workhouses are made possible because of the light bulb.

While technology has always allowed Man to break that glass ceiling, time and time again, maybe it should be tempered with caution. These are mere tools.


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