Urban Reflections

Urban reflections

Hyper urbanization

In a city like Makati, the level of urbanization had been rising like a meteor. While many people find that exhilirating, I think it’s quite alarming. Unfortunately, that is what the neo-Capitalist world demands: hyper urbanization and commercialization of space. It keeps money in their pockets!

2 thoughts on “Urban Reflections

  1. I know everyone would hate me for saying this but I wish Baguio would be as urbanized as Makati. I really like cities with tall buildings and all that.

    • hindi pwede. it will be too heavy and big for the mountain i think :)) i don’t like makati because it is too expensive. also i don’t really feel very much at home in it other than the bars or malls but more than that i don’t think you have a real definition of what makati is… i mean the developed areas like salcedo village and rockwell are fine but go outside of that and it’s chaotic–with lots of squatters. so that is why i don’t like makati because i’ve seen the entire city and it doesn’t impress me.

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