Accidental adventures

So it happened about several weeks ago, some friends of mine were planning to take a trip to Coron and to Puerto Princesa in Palawan. I have always wanted to go to Palawan but never really got the chance. And to be honest, this wasn’t one of the chances I ever thought I would take. I was already wishing them bon voyage and expecting their pictures on Facebook – I never really thought I would be part of the trip!

It all happened because some of my friends have already mentioned the possibility that I join their trip. At first, I was hesitant and I said that I shouldn’t go because I would just be working the whole time. The succeeding invitations, however obviously convinced me to go ahead and take the plunge. So while I was chatting with my friend, I was already online trying to book flights. I decided to take a gamble and confirm the flights going to Palawan. Oddly enough, the system accepted my credit card and suddenly, I have tickets to go to Palawan!

Now, the pocket money was the next issue I had to consider. I knew that I was already getting a salary within prior to the trip, but I needed to use half of that to pay for the plane tickets. Then the rest was taken by my mother for household expenses or whatever. So up until the day before, I had zero cash to bring to the trip. Thankfully, my brother agreed to lend me PHP 5,000 which will be enough only for the first half of the trip.

Then the rest of the trip was a series of good fortune. The weather turned out to be gloomy on days when we were in transit from one town to the other but the days when we were out for island hopping, it turned out to be sunny.

We were also lucky with the tour guides that we got and the people we met along our travels. All in all, I’m very glad to have accidentally joined this trip.


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