Puerto Princesa Fusion: Conviviality of natural habitats and artificial structures

Central Business District of Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is a curious mix of rural and urban themes for me. For some reason, prior to arriving at Puerto Princesa, I imagined the city to be very small, with everything within a stone’s throw from each other. It turns out, it really is a thriving city in the middle of wilderness. The natural environment of Puerto Princesa encroaches even at the heart of the central business district. See that huge tree from the upper right corner of the photo? Yep, big trees or tall grass patches abound in between modern infrastructure. The peripheral barangays of Puerto Princesa are also home to indigenous peoples, forests, even trees which are more than a century old while constantly accepting migrants from all over the world (really)! Although this city abounds in natural resources, it also consumes high levels of electricity, as we noticed during some of our evening strolls. Each store had some form of garish light display while the street decorations placed by the government showcase a similar taste for abundant luminaries. But I guess it works for the people, it works for the government, it works for nature. After all, despite all its faults, Puerto Princesa remains to be one of the healthiest cities in the country.


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