In the mountains, the skies are bluer


It’s the holidays and I just can’t help but wish that I was there in the mountains. Although if I were in the mountains, it would be a lonely holiday, I just can’t help but think about how much I missed the place my heart calls home.

While I was there for a week, I never felt more in sync with my routine. I woke up, worked until it’s time for lunch, then I go out for a walk, enjoy the scenery. Pop into an internet cafe, resume my work. In the evening, meet up with friends for dinner. Then we go home late at night, happy and eager for bed. The next morning, the same thing could happen but I could also have dinner alone. Walk through the cold city in my jacket with a scarf wrapped around me, remembering the days long past.

But I am also aware how much the city has changed. The old coffee shop we used to frequent is gone. The old bar we used to spend nights in has changed. Much of the old haunts no longer look the same. Many of the people I’ve loved have also left. The only thing that remains is the city which I continue to love despite all the changes.

More importantly, coming home has made me realized how much I have changed in the past year. I think that if a year ago, somebody would give me a brief summary of what would happen to me in 2011, I would have laughed them away. I realize now that so many things could happen in one year. We could grow to be so wise or degenerate into something less than who we are. The idea of change makes me more eager for the future, for new things, new adventures!

Baguio will always have a special place in my heart. It had been my home from 2005 to 2010, but I guess I need to spread my wings. I need to be stupid somewhere else. I need to make mistakes in a different place. I need to go out with different people. Therefore, I will say hello to Boracay. 

Although Boracay will be my home base, I still expect to travel a lot in 2012. I plan to work my butt off to afford the plane tickets, the hostels (too cheap to afford a real hotel), and everything else. This is my resolution 🙂


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