Rising up for the new year in the afternoon

Because of the AMAZING New Year’s Eve party at Jungle Bar, most of Boracay stayed awake until 8 in the morning. Incidentally, the first sunrise of 2012 is also the first sunrise I got to see in Boracay. While I’m sure other beachcombers were up early, I got up from bed at about 4 in the afternoon. Left the house just in time to watch the first sunset of 2012.

Olya’s Russian friends came to visit the island and I guess they had lots of fun! It was also one of the last occasions I got to party with Marko and Inno who would be leaving before the first weekend of 2012. But that’s all right since Pi came to join us two days after 🙂

So the island gang right now is Inah, Olya, Joy and Pi. RepRisk girls. When I leave on the 10th, it will be reduced to the RepRisk trio: Olya, Joy and Pi. I hope to join them by February, but I don’t know yet. Life is full of surprises and our best laid plans do not always come to fruition. Then again, sometimes the alternative is so much better than what we had in mind.

This is basically what 2011 taught me. At the start of the year, I was at my worst. The lowest point in my life. Jobless with a lot of responsibilities that I needed to confront. Then by second week of the year, I had a good job offer. Another month after, I got an even better offer! So for the most part of the year, I was working two jobs. Stretching myself pretty thin, all in an effort to fulfill responsibilities and still be able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for myself.

I ended the year with only one job – the job that I loved more. But now, another conflict is on the rise as another opportunity has presented itself and I’m really torn between that which has been comfortable, fun and amazing in the past year, and another one that offers so many unknown opportunities.

As of now, I’m looking forward to my first trip to Bohol, another first to add in the annals of my life, but in the meantime I am enjoying the sun, sand, and sea of paradise.



2 thoughts on “Rising up for the new year in the afternoon

  1. the anal’s of sophia. or sophia’s anal, for short.

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