Chasing performers under the cloudy sky


My friend Alex and I decided to embark on a trip to Bohol which would also include a weekend visit to Cebu in order to celebrate the famous Sinulog Festival. We woke up at around 11:30am and we left the house a quarter to 2:00pm. We headed over to Ayala to buy batteries for my camera and then we went to have a snack at Maitre Chocolatier.

After a heavy snack, we decided to head over to the Mango Plaza where the parade was still ongoing. Although Alex told me that the parade is over, we decided to forge on. It was fortunate we did because we wove in and out of the crowds, walking alongside the performers and floats while taking endless numbers of pictures. (Unfortunately, I could only share one.) When the sun set, we realized that our cameras could no longer take good pictures without a flash because it was already getting dark.

Just as we got free from a suffocating crowd of people, we ran into sir Amir and his friend sir RJ, fellow teachers in UP Baguio! What a coincidence, right? So we ended the day by wandering around Colon, looking for a way to get to SM. From SM, we went shopping (I know it’s reprehensible but I couldn’t help it! Neither could Alex, apparently), had dinner then met up with John.

John is Alex’s friend who was kind enough to welcome me and Alex, provide us transportation, accommodations, and even shared entertaining anecdotes about his adventures as a resident in training (for general surgery!) in Cebu.

In my excitement, I have decided to post an entry about the day πŸ™‚ It was a good day and I’m glad how the trip to Cebu turned out this way.

Tomorrow, I will share a different story about how we explored the famed Chocolate Hills of Bohol and other attractions of the island πŸ™‚


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