Sunsets and sunrises

My last sunset picture of Boracay in 2012

My last sunset picture of Boracay in 2012

This is another 2012 retrospective post! Hahaha!

I think both 2011 and 2012 went by like a blur – of course, I only had a few photo posts to prove that they happened! But basically, I’d have to say that it was a kaleidoscope of faces, places, and booze. Yep, if college was characterized by GSM Blue, my Boracay life would be a life of mojitos and rhum cokes! Mojito was the first drink I ordered. It was at Pirates for our first night out with Patty (Nick’s aunt), NSF, JD, IS, and Nick Brown — the guy who brought us all together.

For the first few months on the island, I was just starting to get my wings. I would wake up early to go to the beach and swim for at least half an hour while Joy takes a brisk stroll along white beach. This was the time when our Boracay world revolved around Station 1 and 2. We tried Loco Frio and got extra shots from the boss of the kiosk–only to meet him again months after as one of the organizers of beach football on the island.

It was just a whirlwind of crazy. That’s all I have to say! Boracay life was full of laughter, drama, tears (which were not mine), booze, parties, boys, girls, tattoos, crazy bets, wild nights, and insane dancing! There were also beautiful sunsets and ONE sunrise šŸ˜€ Of course, the tranquil white beach and the clear blue water. I also encountered a huge arwana-like fish (not sure if it was really an arwana, all I know is it was big and scary) and saw starfishes from afar. Often when I went swimming, I felt like I was flying šŸ™‚ The island really was paradise, depending on how you define your personal heaven. However, like any other visit of paradise, it’s easy to get lost.

In July 2012, I decided to leave Boracay for good. It means that I won’t be coming back for another extended stay. I decided to leave the island because I wanted to make sure that I could get my life back on track. What’s that track? Well, I wanted to go back to doing field research, to continue improving my skills when it comes to practicing Anthropology – but more than that, I wanted to do something more than just working the hours so that I could save up for the next travel, the next big expense, et cetera. I felt that I needed a change. I’ve turned 25, that’s mid-twenties already (regardless of the arbitrary definition as espoused by some of my friends) and I don’t think I have anything to show for it.

In 2009, I resolved to work at a high paying job so that I could pay for my postgraduate studies. Three years after, what have I got to show for it? Nothing really! So, 2013 will be the year that I take all my goals seriously. I think that this is the year I should try to move on from just experiencing life to taking my life somewhere. I lost the job that made me comfortable these past two years. Now, I have another job that is not as comfortable but I welcome the challenge.

So I’m in the middle of doing the write-up of the research. To the readers of this blog, I’m going to try my best to have a mature year this year. Although I will not refuse to go to parties, I will think of my priorities first before going out for the night. I will also have to lessen my spending because circumstances are different now.

A toast to being more mature! šŸ™‚


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