Oceania Nostalgia

Nostalgic for the open sea

Nostalgic for the open sea

Today, the weather was very cold. I got up at around 6am, started coughing like my lungs were rattling. Ate breakfast that my housemates fixed up. After a few minutes, got around to taking a bath with hot water (so as not to worsen my condition).

As we were all shivering inside the jeepney (despite my THREE layers of clothing: shirt, turtleneck, cardigan) on our way to work, I realized how much I missed the heat of the sun shining down on me. I missed the sweat of just lying on the sand while letting the cool breeze from the sea cool you down. And if that’s not enough, I miss the freedom of being able to just take a dip in the cool water.

I spent the whole morning huddled under a raincoat, my cardigan and my shirt (THREE layers again, I took off my turtleneck because four layers may be a bit overkill) and looking over the rice fields that we’re tending. I suddenly missed the dazzle of the water as the sunshine bounces off the waves.

In any case, this beach could be found at Calaguas, Camarines Norte.


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