Do. Not. Envy.

Sunlit temples

Sunlit temples

I read a study that people feel envy when they log onto Facebook. I’ve got to admit that I have had my fair share of the green-eyed monster.

And on the other hand, I’ve also read somewhere that many online posts are really hyped up. That the experiences they had were not really that amazing. So in essence, people are not really feeling jealous of actual experiences but the illusion of exciting experiences.

Then again, maybe people really have it good in their lives. I know that relative to others, I have it real good, but if I compare myself with another group of people, my life would seem pathetic.

I think it’s sort of in my personality to never be really satisfied with what I have–even if I have plenty. Although this is not the entire picture of who I am. I envy other people. Sometimes I envy their beauty, their intellect, their worldly possessions, anything! But maybe there is such a thing as a healthy dose of envy. Because when I envy certain things, I try to make sure that next time, I can have something like that. Or even if I envy, I try to reflect on myself and what I have, and find that even if I am lacking somewhat, I can be satisfied.

Anyway, going back to the idea of posting online and stuff: I have not been the best blogger. Although my goal was really to put one daily post, I was sorely lacking in that respect. When I started the blog in 2009, I was a bit more active but as the years (yeahhhhH!) went by, the posts became infrequent… And remarkably, I am more productive during the “down times” in my life, i.e. the times when I had nothing to do.

In August, I traveled to Indonesia on my own and I’ve only posted one picture from my trip. That photo was posted on this blog at an earlier entry–and this is only the second photo I’ve shared. Why didn’t I share the trip online? I don’t know. I guess that’s just one proof that I don’t want to share every minutiae of my life with the faceless masses.


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