The Oddity of Ulysses

Ulysses, the bear-dog

Ulysses, the bear-dog

So we got a pet last year. His name is Ulysses and he’s part poodle, part shitzu. We almost lost him for good last month because he wandered off, as he always does, and was picked up by some kid from a different neighborhood. I was not in Manila during the time that he went missing. In any case, my siblings put up posters looking for him and it was most effective.

Having a pet in our family was a welcome change. At first, the dog was annoying–good thing he was cute–but eventually, we started to really appreciate his presence in the household. And all throughout the time he went missing, everyone was really worried about him. Although he is not the usual pretty kind of dog, he’s our dog and we love him nonetheless.

I happen to think that he must love us as well because whenever we come home, he’s always so excited. When the kid who found him brought him home, his barks could be heard from one end of our street to the other, he was so excited to come home after his long journey. Ulysses is the Roman name for Odyssseus, the king of Ithaca, whose journey home became a Greek epic.

Welcome home Uly! 🙂


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