Only because she’s Gorgeous

Meet ate Mel

Meet ate Mel

This is a picture that somebody else took. Unfortunately, I don’t have any nice pictures of ate Mel on my laptop. It was ate Wacky‘s shot, I believe.

Anyway, when I first met ate Mel, I called her “Ma’am Mel” because I knew that she was a senior staff in PhilRice. I was a little intimidated by her. I think it was because of our first trip to Bicol that we got really close. The thing about ate Mel is that she really asks probing questions and yet she’s not afraid to answer some for herself. It was through this question-and-answer that I got to learn about ate Mel’s quirky personality. She likes to scream at the top of her lungs and laugh like there’s no tomorrow–same as me! She also has a strong personality and would not tolerate taking any shit from other people.

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