Curiosus Florae – Part 1 of the Mt. Pulag Adventure

An unusual flower found on the Ambangeg trail to Mt. Pulag

An unusual flower found on the Ambangeg trail to Mt. Pulag

A weird flower we saw while hiking in Mt. Pulag πŸ˜€ Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name that our guide, ate Novy, said to me.

Anyway, this post is really overdue. I went up the mountain earlier this month, thanks to my friend Joeffrey. He was the one to arrange everything and I just tagged along.

When he told me about the climb, I was so game but really unprepared. The day he told me about the trip, I was on a week-long work trip in Bicol and I would only have time to go to Baguio if I hussled. So as soon as I arrived at our apartment in Bay, Laguna, I immediately threw in my bag the one Paul Frank jacket and the only longsleeve shirts I had (both from ukay) that I had and threw on my tankini, shorts then slapped on a t-shirt, polo shirt, and jeans.

It was already over 9pm by the time I was finished. That meant that there are no buses travelling from Sta. Cruz to Cubao or any part of Manila. When my housemate asked if I was still going to push through to Baguio, I had no qualms about answering in the affirmative. The better question was how. So what I did, I took a jeepney to Calamba where I knew that somehow there would be a bus going to Cubao. If it could not be found in Calamba, I could take another jeep to Turbina. Yes, such was my desperation to get to Baguio and to climb that mountain.

Fortunately, as soon as we got to Calamba, I saw a bus that was headed to Cubao. Got off the jeepney and hopped onto the bus. As I was looking at the time, I was thinking, “Ok, I would have enough time because the trip to Kabayan would be at 8am. So the last minute trip would be at 2am.” The time was already 10pm. Travel from Los Banos to Cubao would take about two hours… Assuming there was no traffic. So I was really quite optimistic! πŸ˜€

Knowing that I won’t be able to get enough sleep, I tried to snatch sleep on the bus for as long as I could muster. Next thing I knew, I was already in Cubao. So I got off the bus and headed towards Victory Liner.

When I arrived at the terminal, I was grateful that the Cubao-Baguio bus was a 24-hour service in Victory. So when I got there, I was just in time to get onto the midnight bus. Since I rode Victory, I had complete confidence that it would take exactly 6 hours. Confident that I would make it on time, I snuggled down in my seat and tried to sleep…. Only to find out that I was feeling quite chilled. It was really cold in the bus. This fact made me nervous. My friend Ninyah told meΒ not to UNDERESTIMATE the COLD. Then again, while I was shivering in the bus, I would be walking so my body would be generating heat. The physical activity would probably equalize the cold, unlike my current situation of just being seated inside a freezing bus. Thus, I tried to make myself as comfortable as possible and tried to get as much sleep as I could.

To be continued…

***Quick note about the picture, I took this photo but I increased the contrast and brightness because it was not my camera and I was not familiar with the settings. The original picture had pretty dull colors 😦


One thought on “Curiosus Florae – Part 1 of the Mt. Pulag Adventure

  1. “such was my desperation to get to Baguio and to climb that mountain.” haha swak na swak to… “such was OUR desperation” that even if we were only four, we still push through that dream climb πŸ˜‰

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