Meet the Dream Team – Part 2 of the Mt. Pulag Adventure

From the left you have Bert, Ryan, Joeffrey, and, our guide, ate Novy

From the left you have Bert, Ryan, Joeffrey, and, our guide, ate Novy

So I arrived, just in time, at 6am in Baguio. I immediately took a taxi to Gian’s house. She told me that she went out for a jog with her friend Khalil and while I was on my way to her house, I actually saw the two of them. (Side note: that was only how I knew she was with Khalil because from her text, I thought she was jogging on her own. Later on she told me who she was with!) So it was her niece, Lyxen, who opened the door for me and at the sala sat my gear. The bag, the tent, the banig mats, the sleeping bag, all borrowed from Clement, Gian’s friend from work, and my personal idol for having done a lot of interesting things in his life. So immediately, I slapped on my jacket inside that bag, wore my two long-sleeved shirts, put on my rubber shoes (I traveled wearing rubber slippers), and left the house.

When I arrived at the terminal, Joeffrey was still at church and I was kind of hungry plus I needed to buy some supplies. So I went to the nearest shop, bought a bag of Egg Nogs, Corn Bits, bottle of water, and a roll of tissue paper. Yes, with only that in my bag, I felt I was ready. The next item on the agenda was getting breakfast. I knew the place, Slaughterhouse (gruesome name right?), solooking for food wasn’t very hard. I walked in and found a small eatery offering a few dishes. The usual place I would eat in was closed… I guess it was still too early? I arrived at around 7:30am at the terminal. I ordered liver (I figured I needed my iron) and the lady served me a plateful of highland rice (based on the purplish husk on my rice) and a cup of soup. The meal was good, but liver really was not my favorite thing in the world. Regardless of the taste, the meal was hearty and despite my travel weariness and my lack of sleep, I felt ready to take on the world… Or at least the mountain! 🙂

Then, I wondered where my companions were so I texted Joeffrey (the only contact I had). Soon enough, Joeffrey arrived and by the time he did, I’ve got all the logistics figured out. I knew the van, I talked to the folks watching over the van, we had space enough for 4 intrepid travelers… The only problem was, where was the other two? So we had to wait… and wait… then wait some more before they actually arrived. It turned out, they got in late because of oversleeping… And they did come from far away (although not quite as far as myself)!

So the boys suffered through a two-and-a-half hour van ride through the mountain. Thankfully, I slept through the entire ordeal (but not without appreciating the scenery, though!). Next thing we knew it was 1) lunchtime and 2) we were already at the DENR office where we are supposed to register before climbing. Welcome to Ambangeg Trail in Kabayan, Benguet!

To be continued…

***Quick note about the photo, this again was taken by yours truly but also edited by tweaking with the contrast and the brightness. As mentioned in the previous entry, the camera was unfamiliar to me and I was unable to set it to the way I wanted the colors to mix.


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