A Mountain of Worries

A mountain of worriesThere is always something majestic about seeing a mountain. From afar, you realize the sheer size of it all. If you are not prepared, you can be overwhelmed. However, as you step closer and closer to the mountain, you lose that sense of being so small in comparison with that huge mountain.

Today is the day before my 26th birthday and when I look back to how I lived my life, I see it as I see this mountain. And when I think about the future ahead, I still see it as this mountain. So when I look back, I think about how many things I have surpassed. Things that I didn’t think I could do. But when I look at the future, I see how many more things I have to go through.

I don’t know. I’m just not in a happy mood. It’s not because I’m turning older. It’s just that a lot of things are weighing on my mind…



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