That Pocahontas Moment

The morning burns away last night's dream

The morning burns away last night’s dream

I took this photo one fine morning while doing field work among the Tagbanua in Palawan. We were preparing to go up to the settlement site. We were on our way to enjoy a hot breakfast when I noticed this odd feather-like cloud formation. Can anybody help explain how such a cloud was formed? Could it be that it was the wind painting this beautiful portrait, just like how Pocahontas sang it?

4 thoughts on “That Pocahontas Moment

  1. I just spent about 5 months in the Philippines, mostly on Masbate Island, Naga Palani, Balud.. i wish I can explain it, but I also saw so many of the most interesting cloud formations there that I’ve ever seen in my life, almost every evening, making for the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in the world! There must be a good reason… it was no fluke. Amazing vertical columns often..

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