In Need of a Break

Looking for a breakThe thing about finding work that you love to do, is that you find it hard to turn it off. To just stop and give yourself time to breathe. So in the past few months, that was what people kept on reminding me to do. Take better care of yourself. Don’t work too hard. The thing is, I never really thought that I was overworked. I didn’t think that I was not taking enough breaks… Or that I was neglecting taking care of myself.

So what I’m going to do this holiday season is to give myself a break. I’m going to let the sunshine back in my life, beginning with a return to the sunny shores of Boracay for a friend’s lovely wedding. After that, the world is my oyster and I can do whatever I want to do 🙂 I can continue on my travels, looking for adventure, or I can go back home and enjoy the holidays with the family. The most important part of this whole break is being without the need to worry about work.

How do you plan to spend your holidays?



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