Reflections while on the road to adventure


So here I am, giving a rare appearance on my blog. This is highly unorthodox, particularly in a world where selfies are generated in millions every second. Anyway, this photo is actually several months old already but since there is really hardly anything new with my appearance, it’s not a big deal.

This is one of my most favorite self-portraits of myself for 2013. Of course, you can hardly see my face there, but the photo shows so much more about myself than most other photos. The camera is a borrowed gadget from my good friend Alex. The location and time I took this was during some of the most adventurous trips I had during my career here in PhilRice. This was a rough road somewhere along Puerto Princesa, Narra, and Aborlan in the Palawan province. This was the time when I got to see the feather cloud, I got to learn from a community whose existence as a precolonial IP settlement was recorded by major historians, and the remarkable Robert Fox. Despite all these changes, I continued to be true to who I am.

The year 2013 was memorable for me because it was filled with so much adventure and learning that I cannot recount all of them in one sitting. The year felt like a whirlwind of craziness, rare moments of wisdom, mishaps, and simply pure happiness. It doesn’t show but I’m smiling like an idiot behind the camera lens, even if I knew that nobody else could see it–not even me.

So even if during this year I smiled less because I learned to become a bit more serious than before and smiling less, it does not mean that I was not in the midst of having the time of my life! 🙂

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