College daze

College dazeGoing to class in turtlenecks, jeans, and slippers. When I refused to buy myself a pair of skinny jeans. When digital cameras were sacred rather than profane. When we were just exploring the art of the selfie.

Those years of self-exploration: the future was uncertain, but one’s arrogance is strong. The years of learning and reading…as well as drinking and partying. There were also quiet nights of walking along abandoned streets, late night fog cloaking and making all things dramatic. Friends would be in a huddle, exchanging gossip, but more importantly swapping information on where the most delicious and cheap meals can be found. In the library, we would line up at the photocopy machine or hang out at the couch, looking over today’s papers. When alone, the library was always a comfortable place to find a corner and read…or sit on the couch and sleep!

Doing everything and nothing.

Seeing the big picture, but not with the right focus.



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