Meet Perseus, the baby of the family

This is Perseus and he was named after the hero of Greek mythology

This is Perseus and he was named after the hero of Greek mythology

The first model of our D3100–camera still does not have a name!–was the youngest and newest addition to our family, Persi! 🙂 So this rambunctious pooping, peeing, barking, eating ball of fur was the only one who sat right in front of my brother Julio who was holding onto the camera (yes, my brother took this photo, not me!) while his father lurks somewhere outside of the frame–too camera-shy according to the photographer. This is the second time I featured a non-human animal (the latest buzz phrase in the painfully politically correct terminology) on my blog. He got that mannerism of plopping on the floor from his father. Together, they look like foot rugs! Having pets is a wonderful thing…well, at least my mother can claim them as grandchildren whenever her friends ask her if she has got any. On another note, I think that the annoying and invasive practice of people asking intensely personal questions regarding my civil status and the absence of fruits of my womb seems to have an equally despicable parallel with the case of my mother. People often ask her whether she has grandchildren already. Well, she whips out her phone and proudly shows them photos of Ulysses and Perseus, “Ito ang mga apo ko o!” When that happens, my mom smiles broadly at the often stupefied reactions to her bold statement. Yes, so we have not included any new human animal in our family, but we are liberal…we don’t discriminate just because you are of a different species. After all, we are all animals!

Erratum, this post has been corrected. I did include a post on our first non-human animal family member, Ulysses.

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