Our beautiful neighbor, Maria Makiling

Mt. Makiling capped with clouds early in the morning

Mt. Makiling capped with clouds early in the morning

When I first started coming into this office, I would often walk the longer path…of course, I also came into the office much earlier than 8am–the prescribed starting hour of the work day–so I used to have that luxury. Through time, I found myself taking shortcuts here and there. Ignoring my surroundings, with my mind a million miles away from where I am.

I’d like to think that photography is a way for people like me to also appreciate what is nearby (although what is within would be a pretty cool photographic experience haha!) rather than travelling several kilometers away from your home bases, seeking out the exotic. I want to do that, but I also don’t want to take anything for granted. Definitely not beautiful sites like this one. I wish that I would be able to go on a hike at Mt. Makiling someday and experience taking photos from the her peaks.

For those who are interested, taking photos of this mountain is best in the morning, when the sky is still pretty clear (and even those lingering clouds will soon clear away by 10am). In the afternoon, the mountain is usually already well-covered by huge clouds, but there are some days when the mountain is bathed with the most beautiful colors of the sunset…and that’s when you need to take the money shot! Hahaha!

Unfortunately, I can’t often leave the office early enough to catch the sunset because of so much…work, work, WORK! 😥


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