When Nerves of Jelly are Tempered into Steel


My job means I am part researcher, part paper pusher, part photographer and journalist, but the most challenging side of my work is being part comedian and show host. I remember the days back in elementary when I would cry in front of the class because I was so nervous and afflicted with stage fright. I still get scared now…mainly because the crowds are bigger and the consequences are sometimes more dire than being humiliated in front of your childhood peers…but I guess I have learned to manage it and just try to enjoy the moment of being onstage. A lot of people think I am confident and all that, but the truth is, I am not confident. It’s only that I’ve learned to try to control my fears a long time ago. It may be a lifelong struggle because I may never feel 100% confident in front of a crowd of people…but at least I can still give a good show! 🙂


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