Street dancing and another story

Street performance by students from the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Street performance by students from the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

Several groups of students competed during the Romblon State University Centennial Street Dance Competition (phew, that was a long one!) and this is one of the moments I captured of that event. The dancing was a lot of fun to watch, mainly because the students were colorfully dressed and painted, the dances were lively, but mainly it was an excellent way to get into the spirit of things. Street dancing is an activity that gets people to come out of their homes and onto the sidewalks to watch the performances. A riveting performance is one way to ensure that the interest and attention of the community is captured and engaged. While not everyone can participate in the dancing, participation as audience is also valuable to the event.

Interestingly enough, many of the groups costume entailed masks, hiding their identity from the public. Were masks worn to hide their identities or were they a form of protection from the sun? Perhaps the sunscreen is not a far-fetched idea knowing that this is happening in the tropics during late March, or when the season is really starting to heat up. However, the mask worn by this group only covers half of their faces, and thus does not completely protect them from the heat of the sun. Moreover, having had experience with trying to wear a mask during a parade, the sweat and discomfort of wearing a mask can reach intolerable levels. Sometimes it feels much better to simply be free and remove that mask.

Recently, events have transpired that forced me to confront my own dark side. Ordinarily, I have a sunny disposition. Most of my friends have never seen me get angry or truly upset. Yes, I can be snippy and sarcastic and even be a bitch. However, these moments are always somehow laced with a spirit of bonhommie that people hardly take issue. Mainly because I never take heated emotions seriously, it has always been this way.

Now, I feel like a very angry monster is trying to claw out of me. Trying to take control of my mind, body, and life. I want none of that. I want to fight and beat that monster and get back to being myself again. But as I confront that angry monster, I realize that that was a part of myself that I have been trying to hide. Honestly, I need to take some time to deal with this demon. Confront then make peace with her so that she too may come out into the light and feel much better.

To this inner demon/child of mine, I hope that we can come up with a decision: I will not deny your existence, just don’t erase everything else in your path of recognition.


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