Turning into a Nostalgic Sap

Batch photo in the New Millenium

Batch photo in the New Millennium

This photo was taken in the year 2000. Yes, we welcomed a new millennium and we were in the seventh grade back then. Here we are, 15 years after the fact, scattered all over the globe. This year, it would be the 10th anniversary reunion of our batch, but when I think about it, the journey of those 10 years past was nothing compared with the growing years from Kindergarten to Elementary to Highschool shared with these women. An advantage of growing up with just one school and with somewhat the same group of friends (although some got sidetracked along the way) is that you got to know these people…I mean REALLY know them!

People at work today would not believe the nervous stage wreck that I was who cries in front of the class during a presentation. Now, I confidently step up onto the podium and exchange ideas with aplomb! Although that young and nervous Sophia is still a part of who I am–I am STILL wracked by nerves, unable to sit still for long periods–but tempered by who I have become after all these years. Nobody would believe that in my younger years, I was actually QUIET.

I don’t know, looking back, growing up to be who I am today was well worth every excruciating moment. But it was not ALL BAD as I truly enjoyed my childhood, growing up alongside these girls. And now, after 10 years of not seeing most of them, I can’t wait to meet them as the women they have become.

Note: I do not own this photo, it was scanned and uploaded by one of my batchmates.

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