Working for Humanity and the Iron Stomach Requisite

African night crawler (Eudrilus eugeniae)

African night crawler (Eudrilus eugeniae)

Indelicate sensibilities are necessary for the job of feeding the hungry.

My goodness. Yes, that’s a huge worm! It’s a healthy-sized African night crawler (Eudrilus eugeniae) and it is the one who makes vermicompost–a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer perfect for gardens and farms. That is not my hand holding that worm because my hands were busy taking a photo of it. And really, I don’t think I would touch that worm if my livelihood did not depend on it–my contract has yet to stipulate the necessity of touching worms, but I have picked up snails as part of the job. Filipinos who work with the land to fill up millions of stomachs all over the country need to develop an iron gut. Seriously, the ick-factor aside, this little guy is actually a friendly organism who helps farmers do their jobs well and make sure that the plants are healthier. Vermicompost is actually worm FECES and vermitea is actually worm URINE.

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