Day One – Getting lost in another city

This is my second trip outside of the country on my own, and I will make an effort to really document it. Although, as conscious as I am about the need to remember the details, I find myself wondering–really–what the hell am I doing? And so, I decided to take a look at the hard truth of why I had to spend so much money (of course, this money could have been better spent), take so much time, and travel so far away.

I take pride in the fact that I hardly ever make the conventional choice in life, and I maintain this because I get a kick out of doing this. Right now, however, I feel like I may be doing this out of a desperate attempt to “find myself” again. I don’t know how I got lost along the way…but recently I felt as if I was disappearing. Up until the unfortunate fact that I am starting to become something that I do not like.

And so I planned this trip, just so that I could like myself again. In order to affirm for myself that I can live with myself for a few more years. I wanted to lose that tedious, know-it-all, high-strung self that I had become. I fervently hope that it’s not too late!

Sorry, instead of like practical tips about traveling, I will mainly share my whining and griping and all those other annoying thoughts swirling in my head–honestly, better left in my head–with you.

Here are some of the photos from that first night.


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