Day Four – Hopping, just hopping!

2016-02-18 11.01.31.jpg

During a trip when things go bad, you worry and stress about it. Then because one thing affects everything else, you find yourself unable to sleep as the problems run through your head again and again. Despite my loud laugh and easy smiles, I am actually the kind of person who worries all the time. All the time.

Worrying about my dwindling funds, I had to weigh my options. I was already committed to ensuring that my last day in Kota Kinabalu would be spent in the hostel so that I won’t be spending anything. But then again, I thought to myself, why the hell am I doing this if I would only stay indoors anyway? Better to have just done that either in Manila or Baguio, there was no need to have flown overseas to get into a bed that was not my own.

So I made a decision to go along with a friend I met at the hostel. She wanted to take an afternoon at the islands and I counted out my money, I thought that I would be able to go for it. I can spend the money on the island tour then still have enough to get to Bali then to Yogyakarta for my seminar. Easy!

We got up at seven in the morning, dressed up to go to the beach then walked to the port. As soon as we got there, I went to the window that was recommended to me by that friend I met at Ranau. We got a cheap rate and then walked out as the boat was already leaving the dock. We got on the boat and made a new friend – this lady was from Argentina but she owns and runs a bar in Spain.

We had the entire morning to talk about global social issues, generational differences, and BOYS! Yes, so it was a very satisfying gab fest, the kind that you have with friends you’ve known for quite some time. But this easy camaraderie happens among solo travellers. That’s really why I love travelling alone and meeting new people.

Lying back on the sand, I smiled at the bright and clear day. I knew that I made a good decision to go to the beach and find a happy way to end my trip to Malaysia.

Then there was a bit of a sticky situation where I rode on the wrong bus to the airport and had to pay extra for a taxi. But it was all good! That evening, I got to Bali safe and sound – despite certain difficulties – I got a good night’s sleep.


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