Day Twenty to Twenty-Four – The other side of luck

March 5: I tripped over a section of the floor that was missing a tile in Yogyakarta. In fairness, the hole was at least 2cm deep! That same night, after arriving in Jakarta, my friends took me to the #JavaJazz festival and while I had no regrets, my ankle bore much of the weight.

March 6: I could walk better this morning and I flew off to Bangkok and while carrying my 15kg backpack, I got lost looking for my hostel. Ankle was very swollen even before I left Indonesia, arriving at the hostel, I could only think of resting.

March 7: Ok no plans today except to rest, rest, REST! Unfortunately, got restless so in the afternoon until early evening, I went to explore Siam.

March 8: While walking with my cousin, I tripped AGAIN on the SAME ANKLE. What the fuck is causing this shit?! Had to brave it for the rest of the morning and afternoon while still with my cousin. After saying goodbye to her, did more exploring then went back to the hostel. After two hours of resting, went dinner hunting then night market then two bottles of beer as nightcap. Slept fitfully.

March 9: I promised to do more in Bangkok than stay in my Goddamn hostel! Just before lunch, I set out to find an adventure. Walked for hours and hours. Felt sooooooo tired by 3:30pm and had to sit for long spells. Finished touring Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. Rode the ferry (no room to sit, standing room only), rode the train (finally, a seat!), and got back to the hostel. Rested for two hours then dinner hunted while also looking for stuff for Chinky. Also bought Tiger Balm! Hopefully it would work tonight. I have plans tomorrow. Not to mention going to Cambodia the day after!


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