The Birth of the Second Saturday

This is the first time I am using my new camera, Fujifilm X-A1. Since this is a new hardware, I only have the kit lens (16mm-50mm). It was also a new adjustment to not have the viewfinder. I don’t know…that was what I missed the most, I guess. Otherwise, I like how the photos seemed to have a vintage feel to them. These photos, as usual, have not been edited. They have not even been cropped. Just to see how well I can use the hardware at the first go. And what better place to share my experience than here?


…mga jeepney mong nagliliparan…

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this blog. Since I deactivated my Facebook, I doubt if this would be getting any traffic at all. But I’ll still share it anyway!

So this entry begins with me joining a group of friends at my new/oldish work at the National Economic and Development Authority. (Yeah, it’s been quite some time.) In this line of work, I am now the senior and I am surrounded by babies! (By babies, I literally mean that they are that much younger than me, not in any way demeaning their capacities.) So these active youth decided to start a photowalk group. I don’t mind joining them because it’s just walking and photography. Two things that I can manage to do without much assistance!


Coffee-fueled conversations between two women in bright lights.

Unfortunately, the traffic was horrible, and all of us ended up meeting about two hours later than the agreed time. But despite the late hour, there was still enough sunlight for a fun walk around Binondo in Manila.

Those were some really random shots. I was just snapping at things that caught my eye. Obviously, most of them came out weird. These are just as weird…but at least you can see what I was seeing.


What I love about this shot is that everyone’s face can be seen and only their faces are seen, hehe. From the left: Ferlie, Lance, Vanessa, Aries, Leslie, Kariema, Cla

Admittedly, the photos could be much better, but hey, this is our first time together! We’ll soon learn the rhythm of being with one another. Typing this entry out made me realize that I often do my photography alone…walking in my own pace. Maybe I was still adjusting?

Aaaaaaaand… the “money shot” came while we were hanging out by Escolta.


Our next walk is on February 11 at Intramuros.


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