Entering the Urban Jungle

My last entry talked about how I joined a group of my colleagues at my new work who are photography hobbyists. This is the second organized walk that actually pushed through! For one Saturday, we explored the entangled and wild urban jungle called Cubao.

Older colleagues from previous jobs reminisced a greener Cubao, surrounded by lots of trees and serene creeks. In the past, they said that hardly anybody could be found in the area as its main residents are not the talkative–or even the mobile–kinds.


The tree still wants to be a part of the urban sprawl.

Today, only the opposite could be said with the area being one of the busiest spots in Metro Manila’s most vital conduit, the Epiphanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA).

In this busy epicenter of commerce, transportation, humanity, there are some piquant visions of serenity and the sacred–uncharacteristic of the more general sprawl of the place.

In the chaotic randomness, there is even order, symmetry, logic, and discipline.

And because this is the Philippines, we are talking about a LOT of character!




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