About the Amateur


My forehead is now proudly zit free but admittedly, the years have wrought some changes. Eye bags and moles are still there, but the camera used is now different. Instead of relying on our trusty Canon PowerShot A10, phones (smart or otherwise), or a random assortment of borrowed equipment–I can now take photos using my own camera: Nikon 3100. Yes, it is still a starter body, for budding photographers. Complete photo of equipment is shown below.


I like taking pictures which is why I started the blog. I’d like to imagine that someday, I’ll be a good photographer. And I’d like to think that with enough practice, I’ll actually get there! The photos here are sometimes taken from my travel, from my house, from my office, of people I love, of those that I hate, or some I don’t even know; whatever the subject may be, it’s is something that I encountered in my short time here on Earth.



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